Me, Myself and My Travels

Life isn't tied with a bow but it's still a gift

30 March
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Little Old Me!
Hey I'm Mégan, how'd you do? :] I'm 18 but most people say i look younger. *grins* My parents are Scottish and German but I'm actually Australian! I also have 2 brothers...but they're Scottish XD I've just finished my first year of Primary Teacher Training at Glasgow Uni and am now looking forward to heading to Perth for the summer! *beams*
The Nitty Gritty...
I like lot's of things but these are just some of my faves: Rain, My family, Rainbows, My friends, Being able to speak different languages, SUPERNATURAL, Chocolate, Birthday's, Films, Colours, Sweeties, Heroes, My parent's cooking, Fairies, Holiday's, My own style, LOST, Travelling, Smiling, My mobile, Daisies, Children-especially babies, Ugly Betty Picnics, Taking lot's of photo's *grins*, Starry nights, Gilmore Girls, New experiences, My Manbe(Zen Vision:M...R.I.P.), Dark Angel, Hugs, Long walks on the beach or at the park, Laughing, Special moments, Being able to recognise actors/actresses from other film's and pointing them out *giggles*, Books, Random moments...
I try hard not to dislike but I definitely don't like these: Mushrooms, Seeing my family and friends sad, Tension, Racism, Being angry, Custard, Feeling sick, War, Burnt food, Hate, Cream, Global Warming, Being ill, Nasty People, Lies, Mistakes, Lots of butter on things, Feeling upset, Terrorism, Fighting, Loneliness, Homesickness....
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